Established in 1988, Fish Branch Tree Farm Inc., matured along with Florida’s ornamental industry. Finding better trees and production methods have been driving forces in the development of our business.


We invite you to take a brief virtual tour of our wholesale business. In this video we have tried to demonstrate several key aspects of our tree farm. Processes are fundamental to our long term success in the industry. This, combined with depth and quality of a wide range of landscape trees, makes FBTF the choice for many of Florida’s most discriminating landscape architects, specifiers, and contractors.


Our 325-acre farm is located in Hardee County Florida (Zone 9A). Our inventory includes many varieties of cold hardy palms popular throughout the southeastern US and the Caribbean. Our hardwoods are grown to comply with the highest standards for single and multi-trunk trees as prescribed in Florida’s Grades and Standards. Production and harvesting processes are specifically designed to maximize post installation success on the job site.


One of the key benchmarks of any successful business is the experience and tenure of its staff. We have many 10 and several 20-year employees with over 350 years of combined experience That’s with less than 40 full-time employees. Fish Branch has a group of well-trained professionals committed to their responsibilities as employees and stewards of their trade. Learn more about us by clicking on the “Meet our team” button below.


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