Florida Grades & Standards for Nursery Plants 2022

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FLASLA Grades & Standards PowerPoint Presentation 2023

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Sabal Palm Decline PP by Robert Leahy & Robbie Robinson

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Palm Grades & Standards Leaf Count & Root Ball Measurement Table Only

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LBD Prevention for an Enduring Landscape

LBD – Just the Facts

Proper Inoculation Cross Section

Cross Section LBD Inoculation

Pro Landscaper USA Magazine Articles w/John Conroy

Fish Branch Care Sheets

UF/IFAS Thielaviopsis Information

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What is Roots Plus Growers (RPG)?

As Roots Plus growers we guarantee our customers are buying the best quality regenerated tree available. All of our trees are held until new roots develop and are ready  to start growing into your landscape. 

Roots plus growers is an association of nurseryman from around the state of Florida who are committed to increasing the quality and public perception of field-grown trees. Their mission is threefold: 

  • To guarantee the consumer they are buying a regenerated, field-grown tree 
  • To share information leading to improved tree quality and transplant success
  • To sponsor research and educational programs 

Benefits of Root Regeneration: 

  • Regrowth of roots inside a containment system 
  • Cooling off period while roots regenerate
  • Optimum irrigation for health of the tree 
  • Little to no “shock” when transplanted 

Where is the most up to date research information on palms, pathology and more?

The University of Florida IFAS Research and Education Center is your best source! A distinctive combination of commercial, urban horticultural, and environmental concerns drives activity at the UF Research and Education Center. Unique problems associated with South Florida depend on research, education, and extension efforts focused within this area.

Wire Baskets: Why Leave them Intact?

Wire baskets were designed to support a root ball on the top and sides. The top and side wires support the root ball during loading, shipping, and transplanting, insuring the root ball arrives at its planting site intact. They also provide support to the tree during the time it is establishing in the landscape. This support provided by the basket, along with the weight of the root ball, is the reason fi eld-grown trees rarely need to be staked. When wire baskets are removed entirely or the top tiers of wire are removed, the advantage of the weight of the root ball helping to hold the tree in the ground is lost. After removal of the wire the trees will need to be staked (like most container trees are) and will be subject to blowing over during signifi cant storm events.