Currently Available Sizes

FG          FTB 10 – 14′ OA

FG          STD 16 – 20′ OA

*Size and availability subject to change. Give us a call for current inventory.

Can be used as a screen or structured into tree form. Easily pruned into a variety of forms to meet varied landscape applications.



Mature leaves are deep green and glossy. Small white flowers appear in spring followed by olive shaped fruits with a bluish, black color. Older leaves turn red adding color to the canopy. Can be pruned as a topiary subject. Well suited for urban applications where size and root intrusion considerations are important.

Typical Mature Dimensions

Height: Approximately 30′

Canopy Spread: 25-30′ (Often is greater than OA height)


Habit of growth

Oval shaped evergreen tree. Can be trained into a pyramidal shaped canopy with branches to the ground (FTB) or remove lower branches to make a standard form.

Light Requirements

Prefers full sun

Soil Requirements

Grows best in a rich, well drained soil. Tolerates neutral to slightly alkaline soil.

Moisture Requirements

Water regularly to establish, thereafter little supplemental irrigation is required

Cold Tolerance

Cold Hardy to 8a


This tree is gaining popularity as a dependable mid-size shade tree.