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FG  8 – 13′ CT

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The prominently ringed trunk displays old leaf points of attachment (petiole bases).


A good choice for a variety of applications. Can be used for avenue planting or in groups with staggered heights. This newly introduced species can be used as a more attractive alternative to Sabals  and Washingtonians. Additionally, Livistona Nitida is extremely cold hardy (8a) and is one of the most disease and pest free species of palms.


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Typical Mature Dimensions

Height: 40-50′

Canopy Spread: 15′

Habit of growth

Single upright trunk with full canopy

Light Requirements

Full sun for best performance

Soil Requirements

Adapts well to most soil types

Moisture Requirements

Grows best with even moisture

Tolerates occasional flooding and will endure dry periods after establishment

Cold Tolerance

Cold Hardy to at least Zone 8b – probably 8a


Like other Livistona species it has few pest or disease issues

Greater caliper than other Livistonas

Superior choice for avenue plantings and quite cold hardy