Currently Available Sizes

5 – 9′ CT (16 – 22′ OA)

*Size and availability subject to change. Give us a call for current inventory.

A tropical appeal for cooler climates



Robust individuals are striking additions to any landscape. Slightly curved trunks have coconut-like appearance. Mule palms are an intergenetic hybrid. As such, they can be highly variable in their characteristics.

Typical Mature Dimensions

Height: 30′

Canopy Spread: 18’±

Habit of growth

Single upright trunk with full canopy of plumose fronds

Light Requirements

Full sun

Soil Requirements

Does best in near neutral PH soil or slightly acidic

Moisture Requirements

Even moisture and good drainage. Quite drought tolerant after fully established

Does not like ‘wet feet’

Cold Tolerance

Cold Hardy to Zone 8b


Can be quite striking as a specimen