Currently Available Sizes

3 – 8″ Caliper

*Size and availability subject to change. Give us a call for current inventory.

Live oaks are suitable for many applications: boulevards, parking lots, windbreaks, shade trees and as wildlife habitats.



Boardwalk is a live oak cultivar with a very dominant central leader. Branches attach to the trunk at wide angles (generally 45 – 60 degrees) so included bark is easily avoided. Lateral branches turn gradually upward forming an upright, pyramidal canopy. As the tree matures its canopy remains pyramidal shaped but more widely so. Short twiggy branches are born along Boardwalks curved lateral branches giving it a somewhat formal appearance. Leaves are dark green, long, and narrow and are very persistent through the winter months. Boardwalk has a fast growth rate especially as a juvenile and is easily pruned to meet the Florida Grades and Standards resulting in a well-structured tree. Because of the abundance of lateral branches originating from the trunk and the wide angles of attachment, lifting the canopy years after planting can be accomplished without compromising the overall shape and uniformity of the canopy. Boardwalk is an excellent choice for a street and parking lot planting, blending structural characteristics with a dense, well-shaped canopy that requires minimal structural pruning as it grows.

Typical Mature Dimensions

Height: 60′

Canopy Spread: 60′

Habit of growth

Wide, spreading, with horizontal branches as a mature tree, typically, more vertical as a juvenile

Light Requirements

Full sun

Soil Requirements

Widely adaptable – will thrive in high or low PH sites with adequate drainage

Moisture Requirements

Grows best with even moisture; will tolerate occasional flooding and periods of drought after establishment

Cold Tolerance

Cold Hardy to Zone 7


This large native tree is wind resistant, tolerant of diverse conditions and has few pest problems of consequence. Live oaks should be considered as an enduring feature of the landscape. Every year the Boardwalk will drop significantly fewer acorns than any other Live Oak cultivar currently under production.