Currently Available Sizes

6 – 11′ OA

*Size and availability subject to change. Give us a call for current inventory.

Striking ‘copper’ coloration on underside of leaves. It’s good choice to address concerns over eventual scale, i.e. will not dwarf single story structures.


This slow growing Livistona species provides a good choice where staggered heights are desired among other palms.


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Typical Mature Dimensions

Grows VERY slowly

Height: 25-30′

Canopy Spread: 15′

Habit of growth

Single upright trunk with full canopy

Light Requirements

Full sun or broken shade

Soil Requirements

Widely adaptable even in calcareous soil

Moisture Requirements

Performs best with even moisture but quite drought tolerant after establishment

Cold Tolerance

Cold Hardy to Zone 8b

Our inventory withstood temperatures into the mid 20’s with no damage. All palms suffer less cold damage when they are properly hydrated, not overly vegetative and replete with potassium and magnesium.


Doesn’t grow as fast as most other Livistona species and no know pest issues