Currently Available Sizes

Triples 13 – 16′ CT avg

Quads 13 – 18′ CT avg

*Size and availability subject to change. Give us a call for current inventory.

Our ribbons are grown in fine-grained organically enriched soil, which coupled with our generous spacing provides for greater transplant success.


Can be used as an avenue tree or planted in groups of staggered heights. This tree is a desirable alternative to other tall, cold hardy, palmate palms due to its insect and disease resistance.

Typical Mature Dimensions

Height: 40′

Canopy Spread: 15’±

Habit of growth

Single upright trunk with full canopy

Light Requirements

Full sun is best

Soil Requirements

Adapts well to a wide range of soil types

Moisture Requirements

Prefers even moisture, will tolerate occasional flooding  and drought periods after establishment

Cold Tolerance

Cold Hardy to 8b


Stunning accent piece as multi-trunk specimen. Like other Livistonas, essentially pest free.