Currently Available Sizes

FG ​12′ OA Multi

*Size and availability subject to change. Give us a call for current inventory.

Can be used as a specimen or street tree



Flowers profusely during the summer months – produces large (6-12″) inflorescences of ‘lavender’ flowers. Can be grown as a standard/single trunk tree. Exfoliating/peeling cinnamon colored bark.

Typical Mature Dimensions

Height: 20-25′

Canopy Spread: 15-25′

Habit of growth

This deciduous tree can be grown as a single or multi-trunk tree and has a full, dense canopy during the summer months.

Light Requirements

Full sun

Soil Requirements

Prefers rich, moist soil but adapts well to other soils when established

Moisture Requirements

Drought tolerant once established

Cold Tolerance

Cold Hardy to Zone 7


Used has high impact display of color when in bloom.