Currently Available Sizes

10 – 12′ OA

*Size and availability subject to change. Give us a call for current inventory.

The slender trunk and relatively small canopy of this palm allows for group settings where space might be limited. The pale silvery fronds afford a nice contrast of color in the landscape.


This cold hardy palm (dependable in 9a) is tolerant of a wide range of soil types. After establishment, quite drought tolerant and able to thrive when occasionally flooded.


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Typical Mature Dimensions

Height: 30-40′ or more with a slender trunk of 1′ or less caliper

Canopy Spread: 12’±

Habit of growth

Single upright trunk with dense canopy.

Light Requirements

Full sun or understory

Soil Requirements

Adaptable to a wide range of soil types and PH ranges

Moisture Requirements

Even moisture for best growth. Tolerates dry conditions after establishment as well as occasional flooding.

Cold Tolerance

Cold Hardy to Zone 9a


This palm requires little care when fully established. This slender palm is self pruning as an older palm and is quite striking with a full head of light gray (silvery) fronds.